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Welcome to Living New Designs, we are a Denver based design firm dedicated to elevate your life through exceptional design, we specialize in crafting spaces that inspire and enrich every aspect of your daily living.

Design Approach & Philosophy

Living New Designs’ interior design philosophy centers on seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics, recognizing that exceptional design emerges when form and purpose converge. The firm highly values client collaboration, considering individual visions and lifestyles integral to the design process. With an unwavering commitment to attention to detail, Living New Designs aims to create interiors that not only captivate visually but also enhance the overall quality of life for its clients.


We begin by getting to know you, your preferences, and your design goals. Through consultations, we dive into the details of your project, understanding your desired aesthetic, functional requirements, and any specific challenges you may be facing.


The design process at Living New Designs is a meticulous journey involving the creation of personalized design boards, intricate floorplans, and thoughtful space planning. We ensure client satisfaction by presenting and refining designs collaboratively.


Once the design and materials are finalized, our skilled team takes charge of the implementation phase. We coordinate with experienced contractors and craftsmen to bring the vision to reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who is the One- Time consultation best for?

    The One- Time consultation service caters to individuals who seek assistance, guidance, and support in harmonizing their space. Those who are at ease with executing the final plan will find these services particularly beneficial.

  • Do you travel?

    Not outside of Colorado, but will do virtual One-Time consultations.

  • Will you recommend vendors/trades, or do I need to have my own?

    We will provide vendors / trades.

  • Will you be purchasing material/furniture for me?


  • Can I see material/ furniture before purchasing?

    Yes! I will accompany you and show you everything in person.


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